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Message from the Director

The Institute Galien Paris-Sud (UMR CNRS 8612), founded in 1986, plays a central role in the field of nanotechnology applied to medicine and diagnostics. Based on a multidisciplinary approach, the UMR 8612 is well equipped to address different research themes relating to nanomedicines. The Institute consists of CNRS researchers and teaching professors from different disciplines (chemistry, physical chemistry, pharmaceutics, analytical chemistry and biology), which allows it to investigate not only the formulation but also the physico-chemical and biological characterization of nanomedicines.

The UMR CNRS 8612 benefits from several platforms that are headed by Engineers (HPLC, cell culture, handling radiolabeled compounds, instrumentation workshop, molecular interactions and rheology). It attracts a large number of doctoral and post-doctoral students, a high proportion of which come from different countries and continents.

The current five-year period starting from 2015 is an opportunity to consolidate our internationally recognized expertise in the field of drug delivery systems.